Sara’s notebook
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Sara’s notebook
image movie

For years, Laura searches for her sister Sara, who disappeared in the middle of the Congo jungle. Neither in the NGO for which he works, nor in the embassy have news of his whereabouts, until a photo of Sara appears in a mining town in the east of the African country. Laura decides to travel to Kampala to, from there, start a dangerous journey to the heart of Africa, a territory dominated by the warlords. An adventure that will take her to the dirtiest, most violent and hidden backroom of Western powers.

Year 2017

Duration 116 min.

  • Direction
    Norberto López Amado/
  • Script
    Jorge Guerricaechevarría/
  • Editing
    Pablo Marchetto/
  • Music
    Julio de la Rosa/
  • Photography
    David Omedes/
  • Production design
    César Macarrón/
image character
Belén Rueda
image character
Marian Álvarez
image character
Iván Mendes
image character
Manolo Cardona