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Little Jo-Con-He has arrived on Earth from an extraterrestrial planet called Chitón. After being found near Lleida, he is adopted by the López couple, who decides to name the boy Juan López. He grows as if he were one more human and begins to work as an accountant, while maintaining a relationship with the dominant Luisa Lanas, a girlfriend who is a bit of a tiquismiquis. His normal life is altered by becoming someone that nobody expects, a superhero who abandons the balances and coffee with milk and croissant from the bar to deal with evil under the name of Superlopez.

Year 2018

Duration 108 min.

  • Direction
    Javier Ruiz Caldera/
  • Script
    Borja Cobeaga/ Jan/ Diego San José/
  • Editing
    Alberto de Toro/
  • Music
    Fernando Velázquez/
  • Photography
    Arnau Valls Colomer/
  • Production design
    Balter Gallart/
image character
Dani Rovira
image character
Alexandra Jiménez
image character
Maribel Verdú
image character
Julián López
image character
Pedro Casablanc
image character
Gracia Olayo