“Postproduction may sound like a technical word, but in actuality, it’s the most important element in the anatomy of filmmaking. It’s an art unto itself that structures the arc of your story. Film, dialogue, sound, music, and effects are its five major tentacles. During the post-production process, each of these is structured and edited separately by highly talented artists, whose contribution is rarely appreciated or spoken of. Frame by frame with precision and skill, your canvas evolves its persona. Post-production is the key to film magic or film mediocrity. From it comes your completed canvas, which is presented for all the world to see and critique.”

Robert Evans


At POSTFLOW, we design and manage the post-production of audiovisual products. We focus on film production and advise and guide clients through all post-production processes.
We ensure peace of mind for producers in a sector undergoing constant technological transformation and we work to deliver projects by the deadline and without running over budget.
We have experience and a sound reputation working on international co-productions.


We provide advice to help producers to foresee post-production expenses and technical and human resource requirements starting from the inception phase of their projects. We think that good post-production work starts during the pre-production phase.
We design technical and artistic post-production workflows. We evaluate the overall production conditions and optimise and maximise the resources available.
We manage post-production in all areas of responsibility. We take charge of everything from controlling expenses to hiring services and staff and artistically supervising finishes.
We take all the technical steps necessary to prevent films from leaking during all stages of their development. We take care to put personalised watermarks on any copy, clip or footage sent out to service companies, thereby complying with the most demanding anti-piracy policies in international markets.
We specialise in international co-productions. We consult with producers before they sign delivery agreements. We know the market and we negotiate and avoid incurring unnecessary and/or ruinous expenses.
We put emphasis on film editing because we consider it the starting point for all the post-production decisions made for a film. We analyze the cut of the film before declaring it finished from both an artistic and financial perspective.
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“When the shooting ends, the team members celebrate euphoric that the film has ended but between so much joy and fun there is a couple who provides and smiles with others knowing that there is much, but much ahead. They are the director and producer Postproduction is a process as intricate and complex as it has been so far, a period in which the film can be completely spoiled and in which the director is sometimes in danger of falling apart because of the pressure … The remedy: to have a team that is responsible for conducting the devilish process with dazzling professionalism and with extreme attention to detail that shows every day the enormous love they profess for what they do. That team of mythical people exists and is called Postflow. “

“Tad: The Lost Explorer is like a son to me. We have spent 17 years together and I only want to leave the film in the best hands: hands that pamper each frame with the same dedication as your own and that care for each step as if it were the last. Animation film is a long-distance race where finding enthusiasm and professionalism in the people around me is probably what I value most in the teams that are part of the films. Postflow has contributed to both at the highest level, embracing each feature film that I have made with them as if it were their own and ensuring that no detail was left unsolved. I hope to share the next adventure with them”.

“We directors hardly know how to do anything. Luckily, we are surrounded by a lot of very capable people who pull our chestnuts out of the fire. For the post-production of Abracadabra,I relied on the great (and patient) Postflow team. They turned one of the favourite sayings of all directors into reality: “Don’t worry, we’ll fix that in post-production”. Thank you, Victor, Mica and Ana, for joining me on this magical trip!”

“When I made The One-Handed Trick, I learned a maxim from Juan Manuel “Langui” Montilla that I repeat to all the teams I work with: happiness, effort, details and enthusiasm. And this is how I would define the work that I did on three films together with the Postflow team. I need to surround myself with a team that makes me grow, with people who know much more than I do, as that helps me to reach solutions and finishes that are much better than the ones I had in mind. They have a combination that works: talent, experience and a great interest in learning. You can see this and it’s contagious”.

“The world of post-production, which is both vague and technical at the same time, artistic and full of difficult and complicated workflows that everybody knows exist, is necessary to finish any production, whether with regard to grading, VFX or sound. This is why when there is only one good ending, finishing productions well requires a good partner that can understand vague, technical, complicated and artistic aspects at the same time, and Postflow is a guarantee because they listen, understand and know. They make the path of post-production easier, more bearable and with guarantees of success for the producer”.

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