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A luxury cruise, two professional scammers and a love disaster. Lucas (Luis Tosar) and Clayderman (Rodrigo de la Serna) are dedicated to deceive tourists of the ostentatious international cruises. For many years they worked together side by side scamming people on their paradise vacations and keeping their money. However, the rivalry for the love of Veronica (Stephanie Cayo) will unleash the madness between them and decide to separate. Lucas won the Mediterranean ships and Clayderman the Atlantic ships, but one day a really tempting mutiny will make Lucas sneak into his ex-partner’s cruise. The exotic ship from Barcelona to Cancun, will pass through Casablanca, Tenerife, Brazil and the Yucatan jungle, and promises to become a duel of the Titans with the occasional trap.

Year 2018

Duration 130 min.

  • Direction
    Daniel Monzón/
  • Script
    Daniel Monzón/ Jorge Guerricaechevarría/
  • Editing
    Cristina Pastor/
  • Music
    Roque Baños/
  • Photography
    Carles Gusi/
  • Production design
    Antón Laguna/
image character
Joan Pera
image character
Luis Tosar
image character
Rodrigo de la Serna
image character
Stephanie Cayo
image character
Gloria Muñoz