The pact
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The pact
image movie

The pact presents Monica, a successful woman who dedicates her life to the design of successful jewels, and is married to a police officer named Alex with whom she has Clara, their daughter. This peaceful life is somewhat disturbed when the girl enters a deep and inexplicable coma. Experts see complicated that the girl overcome the disease, so they suggest to their parents to disconnect it and, in this way, leave the world of the living. However, a mysterious man will appear claiming that he can save his daughter in exchange for making a covenant macabre.

Year 2018

Duration 90 min.

  • Direction
    David Victori/
  • Script
    Jordi Vallejo/ David Victori/
  • Editing
    Guillermo de la Cal/
  • Music
    Miquel Coll/
  • Photography
    Elías M. Félix/
  • Production design
    Alicia Sirvent/
image character
Belén Rueda