Alegría tristeza
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Alegría tristeza
image movie

Marcos (Roberto Álamo), Sandra (Maggie Civantos) and their daughter Lola (Claudia Placer) form a vital and charismatic family. Marcos, a firefighter by profession and used to extreme situations, will receive a severe blow that will unexpected change his lif. From then on, he will suffer a blockage that will not allow him to recognize the emotions of others nor empathize with them. With the help of their close people, he will start a treatment to overcome this shock. On the way to feel again, her daughter Lola will be the key to rebuild his universe again.

Year 2018

Duration 97 min.

  • Direction
    Ibon Cormenzana/
  • Script
    Ibon Cormenzana/ Jordi Vallejo/
  • Editing
    David Gallart/
  • Music
    Lucas Vidal/
  • Photography
    Albert Pascual/
  • Production design
    Dídac Bono/