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A housewife named Carmen and her husband Carlos, a crane operator and Real Madrid fan, attend their niece’s wedding. There, a peculiar hypnotist asks for a volunteer for his show and Carlos does not hesitate to present himself. Even though everything seems to have gone well, something went awry in the process and Carlos has become possessed by a spirit. Nothing will ever be the same again for this family, which will have to use humour to deal with a situation that it never would have imagined in order to get the old Carlos back.

Year 2017

Duration 88 min.

  • Direction
    Pablo Berger/
  • Script
    Pablo Berger/
  • Editing
    David Gallart/
  • Music
    Alfonso de Vilallonga/
  • Photography
    Kiko de la Rica/
  • Production design
    Alain Bainée/
image character
Antonio de la Torre
image character
Maribel Verdú
image character
José María Pou
image character
José Mota
image character
Quim Guitérrez